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Global conditions of sales

Article 1 - Parties is a service provided by the Limited liability Company Inventuz and offers services of ts3 servers renting on its servers.

The natural person or corporate body led to subscribe to a renting formula appearing in the online registration form duly filled out by himself/herself or his/her representative is the customer (See below "customer" or "subscriber").

Article 2 - Contract

The ts3 servers renting and hosting renewal services provided by are submitted to the general conditions outlined in the articles below (see below General Conditions). can be led to modify the general conditions articles at any moment.

Any new version of the General conditions will come into force as soon as it is published on website. It will be enforceable to any renting or renewal service made subsequently to its publication.

The online registration form duly filled out, General conditions and possible specific conditions, represent the contract (see below "contract") concluded between and the customer or his representative, related to renting service(s) in the online registration form.

With this contract, is taken on a commitment to the customer in making available all the necessary resources on its servers in accordance with the formula and options chosen by the customer in the registration form and in the respect of the conditions presented in the articles below. is only held in best effort undertaking and makes a commitment in bringing all the care reasonably necessary to the execution of the subscribed service without guaranteeing it.

Article 3 - Subscription process

The ts3 servers renting and renewal requests are transmitted online, by means of the registration form which include information.

The customer must provide exact, precise and reliable information and must update them immediately during all the duration of the Subscribed Service.

It include in particular :

  • Complete name and surname, name of the company, address as well as the customer's e-mail.
  • Type of Subscribed Service
  • The eventual additional options to be added to the Subscribed Service


The customer or his representative declares to have obtained the agreement of the tierces persons whose information have been provided to by the customer or his representative.

In the case where the request and the information provided by the customer would be incomplete, is entitled to cancel the request and the customer can not engage the responsibility of cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties independent from his will encountered both in the transmission and in the recording of his subscription request. Already the customer accepts that the service he subscribed can be suspended or cancelled to correct the mistakes possibly made by the customer or in the registration of his request.

The Customer recognizes expressly that would be able to terminate the contract in the planned conditions of article 7 "termination" if information is incomplete or inaccurate or if the information has not been updated within a fortnight or if the customer has not answered within a fortnight to any request concerning the Information.

Article 4 - Pricing and time of payment

Renting and renewal service prices appear on website. They can vary at any time.

The Subscribed Service will be put at the customer's disposal as soon as possible as from the date of subscription with the exception that the information would be treated by

Invoicing and account opening are immediate if credit card or PayPal payments are accepted.

You have a fortnight to settle your order, crossed this deadline your account will be deleted without advance notice.

Article 5 - Renewal

The Subscribed Service must be periodically renewed. The periodicity of this renewal depends on the period subscribed during the first subscription or the last renewal of the Subscribed Service. will notify the Customer by e-mail with a reasonable advance notice of the obligation to settle the price of the renewal of one or several Subscribed Services concerned current in the anniversary of the renewal.

For lack of the whole payment of the price of the renewal fixed in the price list, will be in the obligation not to make the renewal asked by the Customer and this will entail the interruption of all the current services and the customer will be only responsible for damage consecutive to the interruption of the services.

During the renewal, reserves the right to ask the customer to confirm or seize again all or any of the Information.

Article 6 - responsability makes a commitment to supply the best service possible for the customer, but cannot be held responsible for the possible technical problems independent from his will, such as, for example, cut, overload of line or material breakdown. In any case, the customer cannot take advantage of damage or compensations resulting from technical problems whatever nature it is. declines any responsibility concerning the technical performances of the Internet network, as well as the technical performances of the access provider of the customer.

If the ts3 server is totally or partially unusable, the customer will have to make sure beforehand that the breakdown does not result from its own material equipments or software. If such is not the case, he will inform of the breakdown, by supplying useful and elaborate information about it.

In any event, will incur no responsibility as long as he will not have been informed about the breakdown.

No data, more particularly e-mail address, provided by the customer during his subscription or after will be revealed, resold or shared with tierces or partner companies. reserves the right to refuse and\or cancel all or any of the account estimated against the morality or against the line of conduct looked for by this last one, all this without justification. On the other hand, if the hosted files may contain indications, comment or any element against the current or future law, the customer, is the only person in charge in front of the courts.

The customer makes a commitment to pay off all the outlays or others, without exclusion, if because of pages hosted with, would be recognized collusive of illegal acts. Actually, the customer disposes of a total freedom as for his space of storage, insofar as it is in compliance with laws and regulations

It is in particular excluded publishing any shape or contents associated directly or indirectly with :

  • Pornography
  • Pédophilia
  • Pirated programs
  • Racist character
  • Audio format subjected to a copyright
  • Video format subjected to a copyright
  • Illegal activities reserves the right, at any time and without advance notice, to block the access to any space out FTP whom he would estimate not in compliance with the law and who would because of this convey illicit information.

Article 7 - Space out FTP

A space out FTP is put at the customer's disposal for an order superior or equal to 20 slots.

The files sent on the space out must respect article 6 conditions.

If the ts3 account does not seem to be used despite of the use of the FTP account, is allowed to suspend at any time the whole customer's account.

Actually a Teamspeak license is paid, our service is not intended in supplying an only space FTP.

Article 8 - Termination

On simple announcement by e-mail, is allowed to terminate the contract and interrupt all or any of the Service signed by the Customer if the customer does not respect one of the measures of the Contract.

To that extent, will be indebted to the Customer of no compensation.

The customer can terminate by e-mail at any time the Contract with by respecting an advance notice of 30 (thirty) days provided that the amount probably owed by him to, fallen or to fall, would be beforehand paid. This termination will entail no refund.

Article 9 - Duration

The present Contract is concluded for the period for which the Customer subscribed and begin the day of the payment reception (date of the being valid invoice).

It will be automatically renewed from the payment of the rights of renewal of the renting service for a duration corresponding to its subscription.

Article 10 - Data collected by Fia-net

Data related to your order are the object of a data automated treatment the company in charge of which is FIA-NET S.A. This data automated treatment aims at defining an analysis level for a transaction and fighting against credit card fraud.

TFIA-NET S.A and the trader to whom you make your purchase are the addressees of the data in touch with your order. The non-data transmission in touch with your order prevents the realization and the analysis of your transaction.

The emergence of an overdue in the motive of a fraudulent use of a bank card will lead to the registration of address and phone number in touch with your order associated with this overdue within an incidental file of implemented payment by FIA-NET S.A. An irregular statement or an abnormality can also be the object of a specific treatment.

In accordance with the French law "Informatique et Libertés" n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 you have, at any time, a right of access, a rectification, and an opposition to all particulars by writing, by mail and by proving your identity to FIA-NET - Service Informatique et Libertés - Traitements n°773061 et n°1080905 - 15 rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 PARIS.

Article 11 - Website assessed by Fia-net

Your purchase on gives you the opportunity to take part of the operation « site évalué - site premium » organized by FIA-NET S.A.

Through two questionnaires of satisfaction, the object of which is to measure the quality of the service brought throughout your purchase, you will be able to tell about your personal experience and share it with the community of the Internet users on the site FIA-NET.

Those questionnaires may be sent by FIA-NET or by e-mail or via the appearance of a pop-up following your purchase. The information gathered with those two questionnaires is the object of a data automated treatment the company in charge with is FIA-NET.

Partial answers or absence of answer to one or both questionnaires of satisfaction are without incidence on the progress of your order and its treatment.

FIA-NET S.A and are the addressees of the personal data gathered with those two questionnaires of satisfaction.

Personal data will be exploited by FIA-NET according to the regulations in force and in particular to that concerning the protection of the personal data.

In accordance with the French law "Informatique et Libertés" n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 you have, at any time, a right of access, a rectification, and an opposition to all particulars by writing, by mail and by proving your identity to :

FIA-NET Service Informatique et Libertés
Traitement N° 896150
15 rue du Faubourg Montmartre 75009 PARIS