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Teamspeak 3 hosting on demand

We propose to rent a Teamspeak 3 server only for a day, a night, a week-end, soit that is only when you need it !

This offer is perfectly adapted to casuals gamers but also to every other individual or professional group for a conference, a discussion, an occasional briefing from a distance for example.

How does a hosting on demand (H.o.D) order take place ?

  • You choose the date and the hour of beginning of your server as well as the date and hour of ending.
  • You pay for your order with the help of credits you already have or you buy during the order procedure.
  • You receive an e-mail to confirm your order.
  • You then receive an e-mail to tell you about the availability of your server with its own access.
  • You can manage it from your account.
  • Your server switches off at the determinate ending date, you receive an e-mail which inform you.


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